Jamie’s Favourite Cocktail: Sidecar with Simone Caporale

Really Good Sidecar Recipe

I would love to introduce you to one of the stars of Drinks Tube. The one and only, Simone. From the right, what’s going on? Are you alright? Were you not expecting me? Of course. How are you, i’m very good, i’m always good when i see you. Tell these lovely people about what you do for a job, where you work. I am a bartender and I love to make cocktails and today is Friday night. Who wants a cocktail? Fantastic, and of course, my boss needs a cocktail as well. This drink is called a Sidecar ok. This is a thing that just gets a party going. So tell these lovely people how to do it. Ok so for such a, how many people might be, half million here, theres so may. So for this, all this sexy people we’re making a cocktail called the Sidecar. Three ingredient, lemon juice, orange liqueur and nice cognac. French brandy from a specific part of France. Two portion, two parts of cognac, love it.

We do two at once, I like it, yes. So one for me and one for someone in the audience. Yes indeed. Then we have one part, so half of it, of orange liqueur. Orange liqueur, and then, one part of fresh lemon juice which you gonna’ squeeze straight into the glass, ok. Is not ready, some quality control, always, and who best than Jamie ask me if it’s balanced, two parts cognac one part orange liqueur one part lemon. How simple is it? Two, one, one. Question, do you ever balance with sugar? Say that again. Well if the lemon’s very acidic do you ever balance with sugar? Yes. I always have a little bit of sugar just in case. Shall we put a little bit of sugar inside Jamie? Tiny tiny, ok.

Just for two portions. Ok now, it’s all ready. I’ve got my shaker it’s already full of ice. My glass, always chill your glass with little bit of ice because it’s nice and cold. Let’s shake it quickly, and i’m gonna’ shake it. Let’s review the quants here. So we got, per portion, 50mls of cognac and then we’ve got 25ml of orange liqueur and then the same of 25mls of fresh lemon and balance, if the lemons are a bit acidic. Exactly, you’re gonna’ shake it like it’s a proper Friday night. Energy I think shake because this cocktail we celebrate the beginning of the weekend. Yes, wooh. These are the lemon that I squeezed but i haven’t thrown them away because I am gonna’ rub all the rim of the glass. He’s rubbing the rim with lemon.

I rubbing the rim of the glass. And i’m going to simply dip it in some nice fine caster sugar. This our garnish, simple garnish. simple garnish but it’s a beautiful garnish that works because the sugar on your lips when you sip the cocktail change the flavours. Sherbety nice and sherberty. And we simply now strain it over. Standing there waiting, my moment of glory’s gone. We strain it up. Look at this nice brown colour, come from the cognac. The lemon juice. And can you ever change the sugar as well like brown sugars and stuff like that? Of course You can also flavour the sugar with some spice some cinnamon some cloves some vanilla. You can do basically whatever you want. May I? Of course you can Now this is a beautiful cocktail right and that’s for the guests. It needs to match the beauty of Jamie You share, put that one down you share this one with me because I don’t want anyone, cheek to cheek, in the audience catching what you’ve got.

Oh yeah. So number one this is a beautiful cocktail. Number two it makes really boring people interesting. Oh, Friday night. Simone, ciao. Love you, take care And don’t forget if you haven’t subscribed, hit that box subscribe, it’s free. We love it on Drinks Tube. So guys, take care, until next time, happy shaking. .

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