Espresso Martini Cocktail | Gennaro Contaldo

Delicious Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe

Hi lovely people

Have a drink  today I gonna make it for you and ice for me and there’s press or martini cocktail you will then join it you need good espresso make sure your space is good bump down coffee liqueur syrup sugar ice and a glass all the rest this year right first you need 50 mil is 50 BOM de just fill it right on top straight in you need 25 mil of an iced coffee liquors straight inside my lovely espresso coffee you want it I want it’s funnier because we’re gonna bring them a later you need sugar syrup and not too much it so easy to make them as well then once you only you can already drink but you need eyes nice nice kiss ready yes look at that all filled up nice now you need to the shaker yes why do you can dancing around then you put on sideway dress them a little bit give a little back turn them on but and you shake it shake enough so in shaking hard I wonder the eyes to break I wanted a mix of the copy record of the walk the mix to when I need the last press it straight through the art I leave they lovely form on top so the only wants to do it shake it shake it right then you put them on the side like a come through this is very difficult sometimes for me remove it you go some ice inside your glass the glass needs to be really cold empty the glass out put it a filter on you put them aside come on I needed a lovely poem yes then some coffee bean you connect those as well because a love Twitter chain chain oh my Oh lovely can I so delicious I don’t even want a drink yeah look that lovely people over drink chip in John Mackey home please subscribe it is free and less drinking all together but that careful in a nice way I’m gonna use to Etsy drinking are you better G take this one away from me you

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