Caramel Apple Martini Recipe –

Amazing Apple Martini Recipe

Today on drinks with Diablo we’re gonna make the caramel apple martini alright welcome back to drinks with diablo this is your host jöhnny dîablø and today we’re making the caramel apple martini and what you’re going to need for this sour pucker butterscotch schnapps vodka not everybody does this I’m out a little triple sec a little bit of caramel syrup and some fresh apple for garnish so we’ve got like nice cold martini glass I’ve got a shaker full of ice you know let’s take busy so it’s going to be one and a half ounces of the pucker and then it’s gonna be one half ounces of your best Scotch schnapps and then we’re gonna add one ounce of vodka and this is splash you’re fearful second okay Oh before I do that let’s do this glass yes okay so let’s shake our drink up okay now it’s nice and cold where that out it’s like from the type of pale pale green okay and then I’m gonna add a couple cherries for garnish and also apple which yes let’s try it and find out exactly how good this is mmm that is a caramel apple totally sour apple it’s just the right amount of caramel it’s not too sickly sweet it’s just perfect this is perfect you know what I think that’s a very potent drink but it doesn’t taste Polk it tastes actually really good it tastes like dessert this would definitely be a drink that a lot of people would like and we’ll probably get you trashed in the process be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and you got a minute stop on by a regular website we write extended articles on some of our favorite drink recipes thanks again for being here today as always happy drinking you

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